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The Steam Shower – A New Dimension in Showering

Bathroom design has become an integral ingredient for interior designers and home owners alike. This is largely due to the advancements in technology and innovation in creating modern features that bring your bathroom alive. One of the newest features for the bathroom is the steam shower and the steam shower bath. Both have taken showering and bathing to a totally new dimension. The shower was a revolution when it first appeared in our homes as it was an easier and faster way in which we could wash our bodies compared to the bath. Now with the launch of the steam shower you still have the option of taking a quick shower or...

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Frequently Asked Steam Shower Questions

Is the Steam Shower Assembled?   Unfortunately to facilitate delivery your new steam shower arrives as a flat packed item. It features the tray, the side panels (x4) and the enclosure top. These are all individual items and are not connected together all for ease of movement throughout the home.   How easy is the Steam Shower Installed? Due to the risks associated with installation it is wise to use professional installers. (Insignia offer a fully skilled team of installation experts). If you decide to install your steam shower, ensure that it is checked by a qualified p...

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The Use of Aromatherapy within the Steam Shower

Aromatherapy has been a therapy utilised for hundreds of years and is formed through utilising plant materials and aromatic plant oils to promote psychological, emotional and physical wellbeing. It is a powerful therapy and against many ailments such as, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Aromatherapy is referred to as an alternative medicine, but more so a complimentary therapy as it can work alongside many other medical treatments. There are many applications for aromatherapy but one of the latest innovations is to utilise this age old therapy within the confines of your steam shower. Read More

Build Your Very Own Steam Shower

If you have perused through the endless varieties of steam showers and are still unsure at which option you desire then why not consider building your very own steam shower. The DIY option gives you a unique approach to owning your own steam shower and this is because you can either convert an existing shower or purchase a new shower enclosure and then build your very own steam shower. The option of building your own system gives you a number of advantages, as you can tailor your shower to your own requirements. So for instance you may decide that you prefer to have a TV installed or perhaps integrate a much higher spec stere...

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Cold Relief with an Insignia Steam Shower

It is the time of year when colds are common! The combination of a sore throat, stuffy head, blocked nose and sinuses and the overall discomfort associated with having a cold is very disconcerting. It is a time when nothing really seems to help, you invest money on tablets and medicines, but they all really have very little effect. Even doctors seem helpless to treat the common cold! However one therapy is advised that does have a healing property, and that is steam! Steam has been a therapy that has been utilised for millennia. It stems back thousands of years to our earliest ancestors and was utilised for its therapeutic...

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